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CSP Grade IoT Security Platform

Built for CSP-scale, Dojo’s intelligent IoT security platform is architected from the ground up to deliver the most advanced IoT security services. Dojo Intelligent Platform (DIP) is designed to intelligently detect and mitigate a wide range of IoT related cyber threats. DIP can be easily integrated into a CSP's existing OSS and BSS via open APIs. Dojo enables CSPs to leverage their existing broadband services and offer an enterprise-grade cybersecurity solution to their subscriber base. DIP uses a sophisticated multi-layered cybersecurity technology that can be used by the average smart connected home user.

The platform is designed for high availability and scalability using advanced auto scale technology for operational flexibility.

Platform Architecture

Dojo Intelligent Platform (DIP) is built of highly scalable, fully redundant components running different services. Each of the components of the platform is designed to meet CSPs needs for flexible capacity growth with minimal initial investment.

DIP's major components are:
-Service, user and account management
-Cybersecurity policy engine including auto updates
-Threat detection engine
-Alerting and notification
-Device management including secure auto updates

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