DIP ML and AI-Based Cyber Engine

DIP uses advanced AI and ML algorithms to detect cyber threats by continuously analyzing metadata generated by the connected IoT devices.

DIP monitors IoT devices behavior detecting privacy breaches and cyber-attacks based on sophisticated anomaly detection algorithms.

The nature of malware constantly evolves, DIP machine learning based cyber engine recognize attack patterns and profile to meet the challenges of the ever-changing threat landscape. 

DIP determines and picks up on anomalies in traffic patterns, connections, device activity, and many other aspects of the network. DIP Powerful machine learning algorithms can filter through traffic patterns and learn what the normal fingerprint of network activity looks like and then make decisions.

Advanced IoT Security Research

Dojo by BullGuard has formed a partnership with BGN Technologies to develop advanced technologies for automated IoT threat detection utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) and highly advanced machine learning algorithms.

Researchers from Cyber@BGU, the cyber research lab at BGU, one of the world's leading sources for cybersecurity research and development, and Dojo by BullGuard join forces to develop practical, implementable research, which will be part of the Dojo Intelligent IoT Security Platform for Communication Service Providers (CSPs).