How Dojo Works

Dojo connects to your network and acts as the essential layer between your smart devices and any threats to your entire network security and privacy.
Dojo is designed so it doesn't need to be yet another thing you line up next to your TV.
The pebble is free to move about your home and glows when there is an activity that needs to be addressed in the mobile app.

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Dojo Intelligence

Dojo actually learns! It gets to know your devices and finds patterns in their total behavior. Using this intelligence, it then sets up a perimeter that protects your home and makes sure  that you are in total control. Nothing gets in or out.
Dojo's sophisticated defense system utilizes pattern recognition to learn to detect threats. It does this without having to look at the data or knowing what's attacking. Dojo can simply block them. It listens to patterns, not your data, to keep your home safe and your data private.

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