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Cyber Monday is Made for Cybersecurity

Nov 21,2017 | Posted by Yossi Atias - GM IoT Security

With Thanksgiving rapidly approaching, so are Black Friday and Cyber Monday. While most people make their holidays purchases online without incident, there are ways that your computer can become compromised and end up costing you more money than you anticipated. It’s important to make sure that your laptop and mobile devices are secure.

Keylogging Malware 

Malware is a type of destructive program that can weasel its way onto your hard drive and create a great deal of damage. Hackers create malware for a variety of purposes, but once it’s on your computer, it can be very difficult to get rid of. Even though online e-commerce transactions are secure, you may not realize that an infected computer can relay your credit card information to hackers.

How? It’s a process known as keylogging. When you type in your credit card number, expiration date, and your card’s security code, the information is sent to the server from your computer is encrypted. That means that it’s only readable to the server and anyone who intercepted the information would not be able to read it. The only way a hacker could get access to that information is from a malware program that logs every one of your keypresses. In other words, a keylogging program can intercept every keystroke you type and then relay it back to the hacker through the malware without needing to intercept the data and then decrypt it.

In addition to accessing your credit card information,  keylogging malware can be used to leech passwords and other potentially damaging information, including your social security number and sensitive personal information.

Dojo by Bullguard

Dojo by Bullguard is an award-winning security package that not only protects your home computer and mobile devices, but also protects all of the smart devices, also known as IoT devices in your home. These are devices like smart thermostats, smart refrigerators, and smart televisions, that can otherwise be compromised if your home network is attacked by a hacker.

Unlike most common anti-virus programs, Dojo by Bullguard doesn’t use virus definition files in order to protect your home network. Instead, it uses sophisticated artificial intelligence that learns how all the smart devices in your home operate on your network. When it spots activity that is out of the ordinary, it shuts it down immediately. Because Dojo by Bullguard is a cloud-based security program that operates remotely itself, it cannot be attacked when your system is invaded. One of the first things that malware attempts to do is disable your antivirus software. If your security program is not located on your system, it cannot be attacked by any local malware.

Dojo by Bullguard was named IoT Evolution Product of the Year for a reason. If you want to protect your home network this holiday season, you won’t find a better security program anywhere.