Our Story

Dojo by BullGuard™ was formed to define the security of internet connected things. We’re a team of security experts and hackers on a mission to build a security and privacy service for the smart connected home. Currently, no one is leading a charge in protecting all your connected devices and keeping your family privacy intact.

The Security Challenge

Over 4 billion things are connected to the Internet, most of them in our home, containing our most intimate data. The security of these devices and our privacy within our own homes is an afterthought. In order to have a truly smart home, we must have a secure home.

Our Solution

We know what makes you vulnerable and ensure that you never are. Dojo by BullGuard™ is an award-winning product that you can actually enjoy having protect you. It keeps all your connected devices in check and ensures that nothing breaches your privacy.

In The News

Dojo Is Designed To Protect Your Smart Home From Itself

His daughter was worried about being spied on so a CEO made a device to protect the home from hacking. "Then it hit me. We have a lot of internet-connected...

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2017 Will Finally Bring Reliable IoT Cybersecurity

Dojo by BullGuard, which is built from the ground-up as an enterprise-class network security service, delivered in a way that is easy for consumers to use

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Here’s a new way to prevent cyberattacks on home devices

Homeowners worried about cybersecurity attacks on IP-connected devices like lights, baby monitors, home security systems and cameras, will soon be able to take advantage

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