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Dojo by BullGuard Lands IoT Evolution Security Excellence Award

Jul 13,2017 | Posted by Yossi Atias, GM IoT security

Dojo by BullGuard Lands IoT Evolution Security Excellence Award


We’re thrilled to announce that Dojo by BullGuard has received a 2017 IoT Security Excellence Award from IoT Evolution magazine - the leading publication covering IoT technologies.

Presented by Crossfire Media and TMC, this award honors organizations delivering software or hardware solutions, which enable the advancement of the security industry.

“We’re honored to receive this distinction as it validates our state-of-the-art, multi-layered network security solution. We want to thank our customers and partners who have been instrumental in propelling us forward within the IoT marketplace,” said Yossi Atias, GM of IoT Security, BullGuard.

Powered by AI, Dojo is a sleekly designed “pebble” and the first and only Security of Things solution that monitors smart IoT devices for security and privacy threats, ensuring all smart devices are hacker-proof and secure 24/7/365. No other smart home cyber-security product on the market provides Dojo’s deep multi-layered levels of protection and safety. View a short video of Dojo in action here.

The product’s unprecedented multi-layered protection stood out to judges in a number of ways:

  1. Automatic Device Discovery and Categorization: Dojo discovers all the devices on the Wi-Fi network and automatically assigns them to appropriate security groups. This provides a tailored security policy for each device and enables constant monitoring and mitigation of both internal and external attacks.
  2. Smart Firewall: Dojo has smart firewall capabilities, keeping your home network and smart connected devices secured from any malicious activity and hacking attempts.
  3. Smart IPDS (Intrusion Prevention and Detection System): Dojo provides a managed enterprise-class intrusion detection and prevention system. Its smart IPDS is constantly updated by the latest threat detection policies specifically designed to address any IoT vulnerabilities.
  4. Secure Web Proxy: Dojo provides a managed secure web proxy capable of interacting with the other modules to enable secure and private web access to all the smart connected devices on the user’s network.
  5. Network Behavior Anomaly Detection: This is the real “secret sauce” of Dojo. It is a device and application aware cybersecurity service capable of automatically adjusting the security envelope by constantly monitoring the device “behavior”. Dojo’s cloud-based security engine continuously analyzes the metadata provided by every Dojo in the network and uses advanced proprietary algorithms to detect security and privacy breaches. By using advanced anomaly detection and behavioral analysis techniques, Dojo can detect ongoing large scale attacks and privacy breaches. This knowledge is translated into dynamic policy updates that keep all the Dojos used by our customers constantly updated with the latest knowledge.  Dojo is the only crowdsourced security platform that uses the contribution of all its community to better secure its members.

“This award is another testament to our efforts -- specifically, our commitment to help secure the modern, connected home,” added Atias.

Dojo by BullGuard hit the U.S. market on May 31 of this year, and quickly became Amazon’s number one selling product in the home security category. Click here to order your Dojo.